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DIY Terrariums With Coriander Girl

Just in time for spring, the Chanel of cleaning products has hit Canadian shelves. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, known for delicious floral scents and naturally-derived plant ingredients, is now available at major retailers across the nation.

Some of us knew (and fell in love) with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day while shopping in the U.S. or perhaps you've seen her on the kitchen counters of the likes of Joanna Gaines or Taylor Swift. Maybe you got a whiff of her during her short-lived time at Target. No matter. We're just glad she's here now. And, yes, there really is a Mrs. Meyer. Thelma, an Iowa homemaker and mother of nine and her garden are the inspiration behind the hardworking but sweet-smelling supplies.

Once your home is filled with Thelma's heady flavours including Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Honeysuckle and Basil, for hand soap, laundry detergent and sheets, dish soap and multi-surface cleaners, you'll understand her motto: "clean like the dickens and smell like a garden."

So it was very fitting that floral shop owner and sweetheart, Coriander Girl (AKA Alison Westlake), was part of the launch celebration. Alison led a mini-succulent terrarium workshop with home and garden media and influencers. We got down and dirty and then, of course we cleaned up.

Floral darling Alison Westlake operates floral studios in Toronto and Prince Edward County. Here she helps home decor expert Glen Poloso with his terrarium.

how to

Fill a mason jar with a layer of rocks, then add a layer of crushed stone (or soil). Remove most of the soil surrounding the roots from your mini-succulent. Then gently wrap the roots with moss. Carefully place in the jar. Mist. Keep moist and in a softly sunny place.

Please note: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day is a former client. This event was one of the last things I worked on with this amazing brand and I'm sharing this story with you because I'm a true fan.


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