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In HOUSE + FLOWER, Cynthia immerses the reader in her creative process sharing how she infuses gardens, flowers and other elements of nature into sensitive home design.


Through engaging photography and a welcoming narrative, this book inspires us to celebrate living environments as expressions of our personal style while also embracing a home’s unique soul. With a passion for character-filled spaces, carefree floral displays, and an appreciation for vintage and artisanal objects, Cynthia’s approach is timely, yet timeless.


Readers are invited to see the potential in their own homes through the reimagined interiors and exteriors of the many Toronto-area residences she and her husband, Graham, have restored over the years.

Kind words.

Here are houses found, embraced, personified and embodied by the spirit of the author. Cynthia gives the same generous passion to her homes as she does to her readers.


Author of The Perfectly Imperfect Home and co-author of the Domino Book of Decorating

A gem of a book, House + Flower is as multifaceted as Cynthia's approach to design. Her talent for creating beautiful vignettes is born from a deep knowledge of her materials. Working with old houses, gardens, and vintage and contemporary objects, she creates spaces of simplicity, relevancy and style.


Author of Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style

As a florist, I believe in beauty. As a psychologist, I know the importance of home. A place where we feel belonging and joy, where we know peace and inspiration, that is the essence of home. This beautiful and truly practical guide is the distillation of Cynthia's experiences of creating the most exquisite homes, and a wonderful manual for designing your own spaces with soul.


Founder of Gather with Grace Alexander

You can visit someone's house and appreciate how it looks, but it's not until you learn the stories of how it all came to be that you really understand how the house became a home. With House + Flower, Cynthia shares the stories of the homes she's owned over the years, and how practical decisions were balanced with passion. Reading it made me reflect on my own space, feeling more confident about certain design decisions and encouraged to rethink others. She also includes an extremely useful guide to renovations - I'm fully adopting her sticky note method for project planning.


Lifestyle editor and journalist

House + Flower is a beautifully crafted window into the soulful persona created when making a place we call home. Cynthia artfully describes how she breathes life into spaces and their gardens. She honors their histories with creativity and purpose, and delights in the details and intricacies that make a home a "perfectly imperfect" memoir of those who live within its walls.


Stylist, designer, hotelier

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