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DIY Display Shelf | ORC, Fall 2021, Week 7)

An easy-to-make, wrap-around ceiling shelf is the crowning glory.

Look up.

That's what I said to Graham as we were dreaming up ways to add a little bit of something special to our bedroom makeover.

We've painted every last inch of the room, installed closets, created an office area, raised a window. But it wasn't enough. This neutral room needs more.

The sunroom/office area at the bottom of our bedroom is already a bit low, so it might seem counterintuitive to adorn the perimeter of the room - where wall meets ceiling - with a display shelf. Yet, that's exactly what it requires. A ceiling shelf. Or, as Graham aptly calls it - the Sky Shelf.

Hello Week 7 of the #OneRoomChallenge. This is it! The last days before the big reveal and we're doing one last project.



The One Room Challenge™ occurs in April and October. Each round, twenty design influencers take the challenge as Featured Designers. Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress over six weekly posts (bumped to eight weeks due to the pandemic). Better Homes and Gardens is the official media sponsor.


Everyone with a blog or Instagram account is welcome to join as a Guest Participant by linking their own room transformations up each Thursday, flooding the internet and social media with interior design inspiration, ideas, and encouragement. You can also visit the One Room Challenge to follow along and cheer on the hundreds of home-loving kings and queens working their magic.


This is our third #OneRoomChallenge and being involved has certainly spurred us on to keep improving and #LovingLeuty. So far, we've chronicled the transformation of our backyard into a cutting garden and flower studio (see here) and overhauled a laundry/bathroom (see here). Now, we're making over our main bedroom. Please come along.


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DIY Ceiling Shelf

The shelf was easy to make. Some planks of wood, metal hinges, caulking and paint is all it takes.

  • Measure the space and purchase what you need (we used one-inch thick poplar wood)

  • Prime the wood (it makes it easier to paint it first)

  • Cut the wood

  • Install with metal hinges (we were fortunate that we could rest the shelves on the existing window frames for extra support)

  • Caulk any seams

  • Paint the hinges and add a final coat on the shelves

It's that simple.

We've only partially styled the shelves with some of our favourite items but you can begin to see the texture, character and warmth it adds to the room. It makes a huge difference in defining the space.

Next Week

Our boudoir reveal. So very, very excited to show you how everything has come together next week.


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