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A DIY Fix For A Window In The Wrong Spot (Bedroom Makeover | ORC, Fall 2021, Week 3)

An easy remedy for a window that dips too low behind a bed.

Sometimes you need a hammer.

Space planning and rearranging furniture can only go so far. Oh yes, there will be times on your decorating journey you've just got to get serious and bring out the tools. That's what happened in our bedroom when we tried to find the spot that was just right for our bed.

In a small space, and working with a king-size bed, there are only so many configurations. Where to put that essential, yet intrusive, slumber vehicle?

This is what we're tackling on Week 3 of the #OneRoomChallenge.



The One Room Challenge™ occurs in April and October. Each round, twenty design influencers take the challenge as Featured Designers. Every Wednesday, the designers document their progress over six weekly posts (bumped to eight weeks due to the pandemic). Better Homes and Gardens is the official media sponsor.


Everyone with a blog or Instagram account is welcome to join as a Guest Participant by linking their own room transformations up each Thursday, flooding the internet and social media with interior design inspiration, ideas, and encouragement. You can also visit the One Room Challenge to follow along and cheer on the hundreds of home-loving kings and queens working their magic.


This is our third #OneRoomChallenge and being involved has certainly spurred us on to keep improving and #LovingLeuty. So far, we've chronicled the transformation of our backyard into a cutting garden and flower studio (see here) and overhauled a laundry/bathroom (see here). Now, we're making over our main bedroom. Please come along.


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Where To Put The Bed?

When we first imagined the layout for the main bedroom, we thought the ideal spot for our bed would be against a wall just as you enter the room. It seemed perfect. Lying in bed you could look out to the sunroom area with windows bringing in views of the back garden and the huge magnolia.

A romantic tree house.

Bonus, there was a solid wall behind us so we could do whatever we liked with headboard and decor treatment.

So, That's Not Going To Work

The problem was that after we tried sleeping this way, we realized that it was really too tight to comfortably access each side of the bed, and Graham who sleeps closest to the door, felt like he was nodding off in a hallway.

After rethinking and rethinking again all the options, we decided the best spot for the bed was in front of the window.

Even though the window would be off the centre of the middle of the bed. Even though the bed would stick up above the bottom of the window frame.

Trade offs. Compromises. Best case scenario.

Generally speaking, I don't like the bed in front of the window. And I certainly don't like a bed that sticks up over the bottom ledge of a window. We already have a low profile headboard, so there was no way to make that any smaller. The only thing we have to play with is the actual size of the window.

Oh well, we love a challenge.

Window Cheat

The goal of this entire hack is to raise the bottom of the window frame so it is higher than the height of the top of bed headboard.

  • We took a 1" x 6" piece of poplar which was the same as the trim surrounding the window.

  • We cut it to size, nailed and glued it it.

  • Wood filler and sand and prime and paint.

To make the asymmetrical position of the window behind the bed blend in more, we painted everything the same colour of black.

This was really easy. Why haven't we done this before?

Next Week

Where to put our clothes?


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