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Wild Floral Christmas Centrepiece

Time for a change.

The holidays are filled with tradition and I love the welcoming repeatability of them all - especially when it comes to decorating. We crawl to the back of the attic or that inconvenient place in the garage to take out the dusty bins filled with baubles and tinsel treasures that have their moment but once a year.

Sometimes though, don't you think it's time to switch things up? To try something new? This season, I want to encourage you to go outside of your red and green Christmas design box and shake things up a bit. One easy way to do that is to imagine a Christmas floral centrepiece in a new colour palette and with a modern, nature-inspired asymmetrical shape. It looks dramatic, but shhh, it's a breeze to make.

By the time the tree is topped, the wreaths are hung and the lights are strung, it is understandable that we run out of ho ho ho when it comes to setting our tables. Whether your gathering place is a formal dining room, kitchen island or coffee table, we spend so much time together sharing meals and making memories over the holidays, it seems a fitting focal point to showcase something fabulous. So, come on, follow these how-to steps and make your own beautiful, unexpected table top arrangement in minutes. Maybe this will become one of your new traditions.




A coupe or urn shape works best as the height allows for the flowers and foliage to drape beautifully. Fill with cool, fresh water.


Carefully cut a square about 8" x 8" and shape into a ball and place in the bottom of your vessel - you will securely place your flower stems inside each of the honeycombs.


Select a bunch each of 5-7 different flowers that have different shapes and textures (and be sure to include one vine or branch). Pick a complementary, untraditional colour palette - we used shades of apricot and grey.


Clementines or passion fruit are lovely - put each on a chop stick to stake.


how to


We are using 7 or so stems of velvety, luxurious Dusty Miller to cover the lip of the urn and to create the foundation for the arrangement. Freshly cut the stems and place in the chicken wire so they drape over the edge. Ensure there isn't any foliage below the water line (this will prevent bacterial growth and keep the flowers happy and longer-lasting).


The next layer establishes the structure of the arrangement. Place your branches or vines so they poke out at one side. We have used bright orange Bittersweet with its architectural twists and bends. In this image you can see how the chicken wire holds the stems in place. Work from the outside, in.


Here we add the stars of the show - our focal flowers. Amaryllis is a traditional Christmas flowering bulb that you often see in bright shades of red. The soft apricot tone is unexpected but gives a nod to this holiday classic.


Place your remaining flowers as your eye demands. The trick in selecting the flowers for your fill is to think about how you will vary texture and shape. Here we have fluffy pillows of peach Ranunculus, slate orbs of Brunia Berries and light and etherial German Statice. Clementines and passion fruit add shine and interest.



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