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When Your Toes Match Your Dahlias

Dahlias are certainly having their It-Girl moment on the floral scene. These magnificent, handsome blooms come in the most delicious colours and incredible shapes. They smell divine and they have the staying power to withstand a bride's buoyant bouquet.

It's the pedicure-red Cornel variety that has made my heart skip the most. Coincidentally, Benjamin Moore paint recently announced its Color of the Year as a vibrant red. Caliente AF-290 is described as "strong, radiant and full of energy."

This was our fist year growing them, and despite the need to dig them up in the fall so the little tubers don't freeze off, we were not deterred. These divas have been no trouble at all in the field (ask me in October when we're digging and dividing them). We have been rewarded with the most incredible colours and textures.

Keep rocking it dahlias.


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