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The Historic Details That Made Us Fall In Love With This Old House

What makes us love old houses so much?

Aside from the patina, stories, romance and increasing rarity of historic homes, for me, the crushing comes from the details - the quality of materials and care of craftsmanship.

When we first toured #MillarHouse1857, we fell hard for the architectural and design features. As the former home of gentry and generals, even back in the day she would have been a special build - statuesque and stately, and made well. Older than Canada herself, Millar House was created in a time when the little things mattered. It's a collection of these small moments scattered throughout the house that combine to demonstrate her character and grace.

Over the years, styles have come and gone and Millar House has had her share of bad eighties hairdos. Our restoration plan is to peel back the layers so the individuality and authenticity of the property once again is in the spotlight. Consider it more deconstruction than construction.

Here's a look at some of the unique features that make up this house's unique DNA and why we love her so much.


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