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Porcelain Cookie Tree Ornaments

This air-dry clay made from simple household ingredients will become a holiday favourite. Easy to work with and fun to make, just like a batch of sugar cookies, it's a great crafternoon activity with friends or children.


-1 cup corn starch

-1 cup white craft glue

-2 tbs vinegar

-2 tbs baby oil

-rolling pin

-spoon or spatula

-cookie cutters

-craft paint

-ribbon or string


how to

1. Mix the glue, vinegar and baby oil together in a microwave-safe bowl (we used a large measuring cup). Add the corn starch to the mixture and stir it well.

2. Zap in the microwave until the mixture becomes smooth and loses its glossy, wet appearance. Try 15 second intervals, 4 times, stirring in between each time.

3. Put a dusting of corn starch on your flat surface. Just as you would with dough, gently knead the mixture and shape into flat circles.

4. Roll to desired thickness and cut out your favourite shapes. (Before you cut out the shapes and the dough is rolled out flat, you can add some texture by pressing a sweater on the dough or rolling an embossed jar over the dough to leave a pattern.) Use a straw to make the hole for the string. Let your beauties dry completely (about 24 hours).

tip The clay may start to curl up as it dries so put a cutting board or something heavy to weigh them down and keep them flat.

5. For a more natural look, you can leave the ornaments as-is. They also look lovely painted.


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