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Five Places To Score Unique Wall Art

One of the more challenging surfaces in a space to decorate is vertical. Creative energy seems to easily flow when making decorative choices related to furniture, pillow patterns, rugs, drapery and lighting. But when it comes to the final touches and we get to hanging things on the wall, too many of us seem to run out of stylish steam.

Real art can be really expensive and accessibly-priced art, well, is accessible so you see the same pieces everywhere. Not quite want you want if you’re building your own signature look.

But no need to leave your walls hanging. Here are stylish sources to get you hammering your bespoke art collection in no time.


1. Garage Sales

Scour the streets early on a Saturday morning and you'll be first in line for the best pick at garage sales. You'll find lots of vintage and forgotten pieces that will look fresh again in your space, like this portrait below. Never mind a little rip and weathered paint - it gives a nice patina and adds character.

2. Online Artists' Markets

Check out digital galleries and find a local artists who suits you. Etsy, One of a Kind Online Shop and Minted are all great sources. The adorable pix below from Sharon Montrose are popped in simple frames for a oh-so-sweet display.

3. DIY

With some paint for a custom, commissioned piece. Take a blank canvas and set free your inner Picasso.

4. Repurpose an Old Frame

An old frame gets a life with a modern poster cut-to-size.

5. Thrift Stores

If you love the hunt, thrift stores are a great place to find unwanted treasures, support your community, save the landfill and get some great deals. These Tiffany-blue ovals were a deal at $15 for the pair.

DESIGN | Cynthia Zamaria PHOTOS | Per Kristiansen for HGTV


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