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Floating Heart Terrarium

Whether it be Valentine's Day, another special occasion, or just because, I say: bring on the flowers. And while a gorgeous bouquet from your favourite florist is always appreciated, I'm hoping to inspire you to give more homemade flower arrangements to your dears. Even if your offering turns out to be lopsided, or not exactly as you would like, this is one instance when the thought really does count. The little extra effort in crafting something that's personal will go a long way in overcoming your novice skills and warm your recipient's soul.

25 Ways to Love your Lover

Speaking of making something special for someone special. Be sure to check out all the amazing Valentine's Day- inspired DIY creations from our super-talented, creative blogging community. This story is part of a series of 25 easy projects to help you share some love. At the bottom of the post, you'll find 24 inspiring more ways to open your heart.

In this second instalment of the Boyfriend Bouquet (last year Graham transformed everyday grocery store flowers into a beauty posy), we are trying something with a bit more staying power. I'm in love with this heart-shaped, open-air terrarium, teeming with mini succulents and moss, all tied up with a pretty ribbon. You can smell the earth. Very Garden of Eden and earthy and sexy.

Mini succulents are easy to find and care for and are oh so popular right now as we see a resurgence of plants in our homes. Just a quick trip to your corner flower shop or big box garden centre and you will find a lovely selection of succulents and moss for about $25. The $2 heart-shaped cake pan is an easy find at your local dollar or craft store. Add some chicken wire, a bit of extra soil and a slip of ribbon you are all set. All in, for $30, you can make a beauty, living love gift.

To keep your heart beating (ha!), mist with a bottle sprayer to keep the soil moist. Make sure the plants get some soft light and you will have a verdant arrangement for a long time.

If you want to drop the hint to anyone, be sure to share this post with them, complete with the step-by-step video below.


-a heart-shaped cake pan (ideally with a hole in the top so you can attach your ribbon, otherwise drill a hole)

-spray paint to cover the cake pan (we used white)

-a mix of mini succulents and moss

-a bit of extra potting soil

-chicken wire (you won't need much)

how to

1. After you have spray painted your cake tin and left to dry well, place a few scoops of potting soil in the bottom. Cut-to-size and scrunch in the chicken wire on top of the soil. Gently take the plants out of the pots and loosen the roots. Carefully poke the roots through the chicken wire.

tip If the root ball of a plant is too big to fit through the hole of the chicken wire, just snip the hole open a little larger.

2. Continue placing the plants until you get a blanket of green.

3. Dust off the extra soil and mist with a spray bottle.

4. Add a ribbon and you're all set.



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