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Blooming Easter Eggs

Pastel-coloured Easter eggs sprouting happy, tiny pansies are such a sunny addition to your spring table. Elevate your Easter egg decorating with dollar store finds and everyday on-hand materials.


-large white eggs

-Easter egg colouring set (or make your own colour from beets, onions, or spices like turmeric)

-locally-grown pots of mini pansies (you could also try tin bulbs, herbs or seedlings)


-displayware like egg cups, espresso cups, votive candle holders

how to

1. Carefully crack the eggs at the tip and remove the white and yolk (reserve for making something delicious).

Rinse and let dry.

2. Apply your colour and allow to dry.

3. Gently place in your mini pansy with a bit of soil. Remember to softly water frequently to prevent drying out.

4. Set a lovely table.


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