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B & A | Reviving A Tired Galley Kitchen

When we walked into the narrow and dated kitchen, we were not at all afraid. We were thrilled and could immediately see the potential. This space had been well-used and loved for many years. It was now our turn to make it once again a warm and inviting heart of the home.

The tudor-style cottage had good bones - lots of windows, a side door exit onto a patio, and close proximity to a lovely dining area. It was long enough to support an eating area. It just needed a bit of attention, well, a lot of attention to get from before to after.

So we embarked on a gentle renovation. We wanted to maintain the original integrity of the home - meaning no major structural changes and a maintaining a similar layout. On top of our desire to preserve the footprint and character of the home, we had many other spaces in the house to overhaul, so the kitchen budget had to work hard.

Here's what we did:

  • removed the archway wall to create an open, elongated space

  • changed out the windows and side door

  • put in new cabinets, lighting, flooring and appliances

  • added air conditioning

  • did I mention the rewiring of old knob and tube electrical? (it's awesome when a big portion of your budget can't be seen)


If you aren't into a big project, but want to make a big impact, here are a few things you can do.


White upper cabinets, subway-tile walls and counter tops, over grey-toned lower cabinets and stone-like flooring create bespoke impact and lighten the room.

Let the light in

We were a bit nervous at first about installing a full-glass door, but we were convinced when we saw the amount of light the room gets.

Counter seating

You don't need to steal a lot of space for a three-stooled bar eating area. Removing the cafe table that was there before and adding this countertop diner offers lots of flexibility - you can serve off the area as well as use as additional workspace, while freeing up floorspace and visually extending the room.

Mix up appliances

We splurged on a nice gas stove, but bought a good quality fridge and dishwasher at a big box store.


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