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Blooming Champagne Coupes

Champagne coupes are having their day again with the romance of the cocktail scene attracting many a libation-drinker seeking fancy sips. But hang on, these pretty, delicate stems are perfect vessels for more than just bubbly and gourmet bar drinks. They also make very pretty planters for your spring bulbs. The combo of the light, fragile glass containers and the earthy, organic florals is a beautiful contrast and makes for a simple, but elevated presentation.

If you don't have any appropriate coupes on hand, and you're not willing to give up your wedding crystal for a planter, then go on the hunt (it's half the fun). A favourite places for design stylists and recreational decorators alike to score big on a little budget is the thrift store.

If you visit often and scour the aisles thoroughly, you'll be sure to find a treasure trove of vintage china, glassware, silver and other delights. You can find high quality items with oodles of character, especially if you're looking for a few unique pieces for making pretty seasonal tablescapes. You may not be able to find a complete set, but the mixed harlequin look is boho chic and so very interesting. Wash well, add a drop of bleach and your newly found accessories are ready for your home.

Remember when buying your pots of bulbs, support our growers. Look for logos like and go local. Check out Canada Blooms, Canada's epic festival celebrating gardening - it takes place in March each year - for even more inspiration.


-a mix of vintage champagne coupes and glassware (try to get a mix of heights and variety of shapes)

-locally-grown pots of spring bulbs (we used Hyacinths, Grape Hyacinths/ Muscari and Paper Whites from and other Canadian farmers).

tip Select a colour scheme for your blooms to make a connected, curated look (we chose mostly white with a bit a blue).

how to

1. Wash and dry glasses so they are sparkly.

2. Give your bulbs a good drink by soaking in the kitchen sink with about 2 inches of water for 30 minutes or so.

3. Gently remove some of the soil from the root balls and place in the vessel that works best for the bulb's shape and size.

4. Gather your blooming coupes and make them the centrepiece of a lovely table. Grouped together, they are so pretty.

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