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Romance Your Love Notes

In an interview with Jeanne Beker, the uber-stylish J. Crew soul sister, Jenna Lyons, spoke about the importance of putting pen to paper and personal contact.

"People often ask me what’s the best way to get a job or what’s the best advice and I’m like,

take out a piece of paper, take out a pen and write something…like a thank you note.

Or write me and ask for a job.

The things that feel meaningful are those personal touches, like sending a physical note."


So as we warm up for Valentine’s Day (or any other occasion deserving of a human touch – which is always), check out how to make custom stationary to scribe your sentiment and up the personal wow factor. These stencil and spray-on watercolour cards are way easier to make than a Monet and can be customized to say whatever you want. A handful tied with a pretty bow make a great gift too.


-heavy white card stock

-liquid watercolour paints

-paint brush/sponge/cotton pads

-stencils (we used the Heidi Swapp because they are so adorable) – peelable stickers are great also

-spray bottles

-painter’s tape


how to

1. In each spray bottle, mix about 1 teaspoon of liquid watercolour paint with about 1 ounce of warm water (adjust amount of watercolour paint depending on the desired shade). Do a few test sprays on a sheet of old paper to prime the spray bottle and practice technique.

When you’ve got it down, spray the first colour on your card stock (a little at a time). You can spray the next colour right away (or let it dry before adding the next colour for a less blurry effect). Experiment with the paint – you can’t go wrong. It’s art after all. We went for a soft, watery mood.

tips Fold the paper together when the paint is still wet for a marble look.

When the paint is almost dry, but some big blobs are still wet, gently pat the blobs with a tissue to

soak up the liquid – it will leave a crater.

2. Lay your card on a flat surface to dry completely. The paper will likely buckle from the moisture. Iron on low heat on both sides of the paper. When you iron the paint-side, it sets and smooths out beautifully. Place your stencil and secure with tape.

tips Use a brush/sponge/cotton pad to stipple with full-strength watercolour paint.

Be sure to start with just a little bit of paint to avoid blobs.

Dry in between adding layers of paint to get the colour intensity you want.

Iron again when you are done if you want a very smooth finish.

3. Get ready to pen your sweet notes.

Check out some more.

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