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Silly Love Candles

I’ve never been a Valentine-needer.

I’m happy knowing I’m surrounded by love 24/7, 365 – not just on one day. But, I do love pink and flowers and champagne and I’ll welcome anything coming my way on the 14th. I also love a good occasion to decorate and get in the spirit, especially in a lighter way (you go Galentine girlfriends).

Take these fun candles and matches for instance. Super cute. Really easy. And, hey let’s not take this Valentine’s Day stuff too seriously either. I’m sure someone has said laughter is an aphrodisiac.

Love and giggles to you all then.


​-soup can, opened on one end and washed

​-pretty paper​

-long matches

​-spray paint (optional)​

-fine sandpaper

​-craft glue

​-double-sided tape​


​-dollar store candles

​-printer labels

​-computer and printer

how to

1. Trace the bottom of your soup can on the wrong side of sandpaper and cut out the circle. Glue the circle to the bottom of the soup can with the scratchy side out.


-If you don’t have sandpaper handy, cut out the striker from the box the matches came in and use that instead.

-You can spray paint the inside and outside of the soup can for a coordinated, fancy look – but you don’t have to.

2. Measure your paper to fit the can. Fold the cut side down so you have a nice clean edge.

3. Circle the double-sided tape on the top edge of the can and the bottom edge of the can. Place a few pieces of one-inch-long double-sided tape horizontally in the middle of the can for good measure. Carefully line up the paper and stick it on.

4. Measure the matches so they will poke out above the can. Cut to size and place in the can.

5. On your computer, download a sticker template that fits your candles. I used Avery – Glossy Clear #22822. Get creative and lay out your word sayings of choice. Print them out. Trim if necessary to fit your candle.

6. There you have it. Your custom, cheesy Valentine’s Day candles with matching matches for your sweetheart or your own sweet self.

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