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Boyfriend Bouquet From The Grocer

My boyfriend – he also happens to by my husband – helped me demonstrate how easy it is to make a lovely personalized floral arrangement out of a grocery store flower bundle. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, another special occasion, or Friday, a home-made arrangement for your dear will get sweetheart points for sure. It doesn’t have to be perfect (this one wasn’t), but it’s the thought that counts after all.

So whomever your partner or special someone is, give of yourself, and bust out your inner florist. Please feel free to pass this inspo along to anyone you want to get the hint.


-one mixed bunch of flowers (pick it up from the grocery store)



how to

1. Unwrap the arrangement and take away all the filler florals.

2. Cut the flower stems (on an angle) to a nice bouquet length (shorter than you think). Remove any low-hanging leaves.

3. If you have roses and they aren’t open, gently fold the petals back.

4. Colour-block by grouping the same flowers together is an easy technique. Wrap with a ribbon.

5. Surprise your sweetheart with your pretty bouquet.

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