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Boozy Orange Creamsicle

Long before smoothies became so popular, my mom was a wizard at whipping up blended beverages. When we would run out of juice for breakfast, she would take an always-available can of orange juice from the freezer, scrape it into the blender, add some water and whirl. It was delicious. Fluffy, cold and if you left it long enough, it would separate leaving a cloud of foam on top.

This was my inspiration for this little-bit-sweet, little-bit-sour festive cocktail.

Clementines and mandarins are Christmastime perennials – so the flavour combination of orange juice, spiked with Grand Marnier is seasonally on point. Add vodka and vanilla ice cream to mellow the intensity of the citrus and you have an unexpected festive cocktail party pleaser (omit the booze for a delish virgin option) or a treat to enjoy in your PJs on the morning of the 25th.

Of course, you can you use fresh orange juice, but nostalgia led me to make mine with some frozen Minute Maid, and it tastes divine.

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