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Chic Tree Ornaments From Old Toys

With some metallic spray paint and a few embellishments, you'd never guess that these were once plastic toys languishing at the bottom of the toy bin. If you don't have any of the little figurines on hand, visit your local dollar store where you'll find many options. You can make a large number of these fancy, glammed-up babies for a fraction of the cost of store-bought and we're saving the landfill to boot.


-assorted plastic toy animals

-a mix of metallic spray paint (we used a palette of silver, gold and rose gold)

-thread, string, or thin wire

-mini pompons, faux fur, pretty ribbon (anything else right have to add a little bling)

-gold craft paint of glitter glue (optional - if you want to add some detail colour)

-hot glue gun

how to

1. Select your plastic toys (so cute).

2. Spray paint (or hand paint) in an assortment of colours in your chosen palette.

3. With a hot glue gun (be careful) affix your embellishments and your hanging string. Decorate away.

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