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Turn Beer Bottles Into Glam Vases

Upcycle those old bottles and jars into works of art. All you need is a selection glassware of various heights and sizes, some spray paint and a few minutes, and you can make your own on-trend mixed-metal vases.


-metallic spray paint, like Rose Gold, Pewter and Gold

-empty bottles and jars - washed and dried well

tip The more the merrier. Make a whole bunch of vases to group together to get maximum impact.

how to

1. Select your bottles and jars. Different shapes and sizes will add visual appeal to your grouping.

2. Spray paint in a well-ventilated area. You can you painter's tape if you want to leave a clear section.

3. Fill with flowers or whatever foliage you have on hand. Relish in your recycled masterpiece.

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