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Drink Coasters From Reno Leftovers



This decoupage diy is a great way to use reno remnants. With a little creativity, these everyday tiles make a fabulous set of personalized drink coasters. We used maps showing the area close to our cottage - but you can use anything that speaks to you. The coasters are a great conversation piece for home and also make a thoughtful hostess gift when bundled and tied with a ribbon.



-gold craft paint

-decoupage glue, like Mod Podge

-paper map (you can also use wrapping paper, pictures, cards)

-spray or paint clear protective coating

-bumpers for the bottom of the coasters (the self-sticking kind made of cork, plastic or felt)

-paint brushes, scissors (or exacto knife), pencil, ruler

tip If you don't have decoupage glue, you can use white craft glue mixed with equal parts of water.

how to

1. Get your supplies.

2. Paint around the sides and inner square of the tiles (this will form a nice border) and let dry completely.

3. Trace and cut out the area of the map you want to feature. Cut the paper a bit smaller that your outline so you will have a nice border and to ensure all paper is flat on the tile.

4. Paint the decoupage glue on the tile and carefully place your paper on top. Put another layer of the decoupage glue on top - don't forget the sides. Let dry completely. You will get a nice smooth, matte finish.

5. Paint or spray on a clear coat of protector. Place four bumpers on the bottom of the tiles at the four corners.

6. Have a drink to celebrate your craftiness.

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