ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, WEEK 4 | Bloomscaping 101 And The No-Fail Flowers We're Growing

For my mid-life crisis, I didn't buy a Harley. I learned how to grow flowers.

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, WEEK 2 | DIY Zero-Waste Raised Garden Beds

Breaking some rules with super-sized borders to max out room for blooms.

The Historic Details That Made Us Fall In Love With This Old House

Millar House was created in a time when the little things mattered.

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, WEEK 3 | White Paint Fixes Everything, Our Garden Shed Is Proof

My secret weapon comes in a rainbow of colours (although I mostly use white).

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, WEEK 1 | Creating A Backyard Flower Studio

New home. New Challenge. Our plans for our new flower studio.

Why We Sold The Farm To Restore A Georgian Heritage House

We fell hard for this historic gem.


Our new flower studio and botanical backyard is the first project at our new house. It's also our inaugural One Room Challenge and we are very excited.



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PHOTO  |  Robin Stubbert

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