h&f notes

Floral sweetheart Coriander Girl celebrates the Chanel of cleaning products with a scent-filled workshop.

A flower farm in Virginia is the first stop on my bloomin' journey.

Christian Dior dressed post-war women taking flowers as his muse.

Get out of your red and green Christmas decorating box.

These late bloomers will bring flowers to your vase long after Labour Day.

Beautiful bouquets are just the beginning.

A mix of timeless design and fresh touches infuse colour and life to this old dame of a house.

A great room for doing all of life's great things - cooking, eating and napping.

Let's get this party started with blooms in shades of blush and purpleness.

Coral and salmon-hued zinnias and dahlias are a PSL in a vase.

It's the pedicure-red Cornel Dahlia that has made my heart skip the most.

These next-level snaps weren't what I expected.

Happy pansies tucked in pastel-coloured Easter eggs are sunshine in a cup.

Check out this amazing before & after galley kitchen renovation that revived the heart of the home.

Vintage champagne coupes filled with spring bulbs set a pretty spring table.

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