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Pompom Garland In Minutes

High on the cuteness scale, pompoms seem to be everywhere this season. Like little furry snow balls, pompoms are especially perfect for winter decor. We've made a garland with a thin-metal, flexible wire that gives a sense of movement. A sweet choice for dressing the Christmas tree, draping on a mantle or mirror or displaying in a big clear apothecary jar. Even better, the garland only takes moments to make. Gotta love a high-impact, low-effort craft.



-thin wire


how to

1. Thread your wire.

2. Pull the first pompom all the way through the wire. Take about an inch or so of the wire that comes out of the bottom and wrap it around around the long length of wire to form an anchor - this way you won't lose your pompoms.

3. Thread on your pompoms. Bend the wire until you get the form you like.

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